Starfinder Iconics Revealed


The motley crew of the Starfinder universe

This past summer, Paizo announced they would be releasing the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, a science fantasy RPG based upon the Pathfinder rules. The game will launch at Gen Con 2017 with a Core Rulebook and a six-volume Adventure Path, as well as a Compatibility License for those wishing to make their own Starfinder content.

Paizo has steadily revealed information about Starfinder‘s mechanics, products, and setting over the past several months. Last Thursday, James L. Sutter decided to share Starfinder‘s cast of iconic characters, each capturing the core essence of one of the seven classes present within the game. Going clockwise from the leftmost character, we’ve got:

RAIA (LASHUNTA TECHNOMANCER) ~ The lashunta are a sexually-dimorphic race of telepaths. Technomancers are magical programmers who possess the ability to hack the laws of physics.

ISEPH (ANDROID OPERATIVE)Androids, as one would expect, are artificial beings. The operative is a class that relies upon stealth and skill. Think “space rogue”.

QUIG (YSOKI MECHANIC) ~ The ysoki are a race of hotheaded ratfolk. Mechanics are expert engineers who either build custom drones or use implanted AI.

OBOZAYA (VESK SOLDIER)The Vesk are powerful reptilian aliens, reminding me of the Klingons of Star Trek. Soldiers specialize in the art of combat, using heavy weapons and armor.

NAVASI (HUMAN ENVOY)Humans should require no explanation, mostly because I assume those reading this are human. Envoys use their wit and charm to help their allies or hinder their foes. They’re space bards.

KESKODAI (SHIRREN MYSTIC)Shirrens are an insectile race who freed themselves from a dangerous group known as the Swarm. Mystics channel the mysterious energies of the universe, similar to divine magic.

ALTRONUS (KASATHA SOLARIAN) ~ Kasathas are a race of four-armed beings who hail from a distant desert world. The solarians harness the energy of the stars and black holes, shaping them into armor or weapons. They kind of feel like Starfinder‘s jedi.

The first, and most obvious, element I noticed about Starfinder‘s group of iconics is the interesting lack of a human majority. Look at Pathfinder‘s iconics. The vast majority are some variety of human. Starfinder only has one representative of humanity: Navasi.

I rather like this because not only does it help separate this group from their fantasy counterparts, it also reflects the larger focus that Starfinder is placing upon non-human species. It also represents a nice example of the Cantina Effect, using the high density of strangeness within this image to help depict the kind of world this game exists within.

It also makes me really interested to see the actual mechanics behind these characters. For example, I’m dying to get my hands on the mechanic and the solarian. I also want to play an envoy so badly, but anybody who knows me shouldn’t be surprised by that. Bards are my favorite class, so I’d obviously love space bards just as much.

What about you? What do you think of Starfinder‘s iconics? Do you like, or do you hate them?

UPDATE: I have added links to the “Meet the Iconics” articles Paizo has been publishing on their own blog over the past couple of weeks.


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