Happy Gary Gygax Day!

531001_400433280025300_1590190270_n-462x600Seventy-Nine years ago today, Ernest Gary Gygax was born in Chicago to Almina Emelie and Ernst Gygax. In 1972, Gygax began collaborating with Dave Arneson after the later demonstrated his Blackmoor campaign, working to create something they simply called “The Fantasy Game”. This game would eventually evolve into the role-playing game that we all know today as Dungeons & Dragons.

Gary Gygax has been described by many as the Father of D&D. He was the co-founder of Tactical Studies Rules (TSR), the founder of Dragon Magazine, created one of the most beloved campaign settings (Greyhawk), and was the author of several modules that have become classics (The Keep on the BorderlandsThe Temple of Elemental Evil, etc.). I think it’s fair to say the man earned his title.

In March of 2008, Gary Gygax passed away. He has thankfully left behind a strong legacy, helping create a game that has brought joy to countless people around the world, giving birth to an entire hobby, and did whatever he could to make it thrive. This blog wouldn’t exist without him.

This is why July 27th has become a holiday within the RPG community. Today we celebrate a man who gave us an outlet to tell fantastical stories with our friends, letting us delve into forgotten dungeons, and slay mighty dragons.

Happy Gary Gygax Day!


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