Magic Trinkets

5a661837d246de342642559134513979I love magic items in Dungeons & Dragons. They’re an integral part of the game, give the non-spellcasters a taste of the arcane, and can just be exciting to find in the hoard of treasure hidden at the end of the latest dungeon.

That being said, you have to be careful with how many magic items you give to the players. Too many cool toys can lead to a party that’s too powerful, which can cause you issues in the future.

Taking that into account, I thought it’d be interesting to introduce a new time of magic item, one that could allow you to include a large amount of them, but would not increase the power level of a party significantly. This is where Magic Trinkets come into play.

Magic Trinkets are magic items with minor, but useful effects. They will not be as flashy as their more potent cousins, but can help out in a pinch. They will typically allow the owner to use a specific cantrip, the single use of a lower level spell, or some other small benefit. Here are some examples of Magic Trinkets:

  • ILLUMINATION RINGThis simple, golden ring is decorated with a single citrine. The owner may issue the command word “light”, allowing them to cast the Light cantrip, the amber glow radiating outward from the citrine.
  • MESSENGER EARRINGS: These earrings appear to be a small crystal encased in copper wire. The owner of one of the earrings may spend an action to activate it, allowing them to cast the Message cantrip. However, they may only target the owner of the other earring.
  • SLUMBER SAND: The owner may spend an action to throw the glittering sand within this small bag onto a creature within 5 feet of them or throw the bag up to 20 feet, causing it to burst on impact. In either case, make a ranged attack against the creature, treating the sand as an improvised weapon. On a hit, the target suffers the effects of the Sleep spell. This lasts for 1 minute, but ends immediately if they take damage or someone uses an action to shake or slap them awake.

Keep in mind these are meant to be super amazing. They’re supposed to be useful, little items that allow you to get the fun of a magic item, but keep the power on the lower side. These could be the stuff you’d find at a magic shop, beside your typical scrolls or potions, letting you keep the more iconic items to be found out in the wild or in the dungeon. They can also let you give some useful effects to the party in a controlled way, limiting the effect to a single use or only once per long rest.

((NOTEThis post is a revision of an older post I made on the previous blog. I liked the ideas, but felt updating/replacing portions of the text)).


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